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A major Technological breakthrough for globalization is the Internet. What it does it helps you communicate with people on the other side of the world quicker it also helps the company sell their product to foreign markets.Email/video conferencing allows faster and efficient communication. This means that companies can communicate with other offices around the world faster and without many problems Websites allow marketing to a global audience instead of a local one this means that the whole world sees the image of your company. This is different to a shop where only locals can see the products. Advances in mathematics and computers have made it easier to transfer money around the world very quickly. Before this technology it would take a long time for an overseas company to receive

Last century European companies were famous for their engineering most of the things they made were done by machines. In Asia the companies did not use technology and made thing by hand. In this century the Asian companies have started to import machines from Europe and are making their products by machine. This means that Asian products are made cheaper and of same quality as the Europeans.

Electronic language translators allow people to communicate and do business with each other without the language barrier

Ships and aero planes are now a lot bigger and faster. This helps to get material from one place to another in a shorter amount of time and it is very efficient. When a shipment of foreign goods arrives in Australia it is cleared by an electronic clearance software this makes the whole process faster. Before they had this technology it would take 4 days to clear a shipment at customs, now it takes a few hours. New scanning systems help keep illegal goods out of Australia

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